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GeneBlueprint attends the IBM Disruptive Innovation Forum (DIF)

On November 16, 2017, we had the privilege of attending the inaugural IBM Disruptive Innovation Forum hosted in Toronto at Sony Center for Performing Arts. 

The event was a combination of amazing keynote speakers and interactive experience zones. 

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IBM foyer


  1. Ask questions. Listen with the intent to understand, not to respond. When you talk you only repeat things you already know.  When you listen you learn new things. 
  2. You can either be an enabler of technology or a victim of it. Dream big, there is nothing you can’t do. 
  3. Data Scientist > Data Janitor
  4. Data can be your differentiator.
  5. Encourage persistence and tenacity. Your desire for wanting something is tested in your willingness to persevere.
  6. The end state is a completely cloud based world.
  7. Disruption = Data + Infuse AI + Cloud
  8. Today the world changed. Tomorrow it will change again. 
  9. Canada’s greatest natural resource is its diverse people.
  10. Hamilton Tiger Cats > Toronto Argonauts.

For obvious reasons, Dr. Ted Scott’s dialogue with Dino Trevisani on how innovation and academic partnership are changing the way healthcare is being delivered was our favourite. Emphasizing the paradigm shift in healthcare from:

  • reactive to proactive,
  • disease management to prevention,
  • generalized to personalized and
  • costly to predictive was a breath of fresh air.

Faces of HHC

Our organization, GeneBlueprint, which provides personalized health and wellness recommendations utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence was mentioned as a Hamilton Health Science and IBM company that is contributing to this aforementioned paradigm shift.

At GeneBlueprint we believe, together through innovation and collaboration we are exiting an era where:

Healthcare has been a clinical science, supported by data

And entering an era where:

Healthcare is a data science, supported by clinicians.

Congratulations IBM on 100 years in Canada!  You hosted an amazing event.