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How does GeneBlueprint Work?

  1. Order your test
  2. DNA Analysis
  3. Review of Genetic Data
  4. Wellness Plan Creation
  5. Follow the plan that best suits your DNA

You’ve probably heard about direct to consumer genetic analysis companies and you may be wondering what they’re all about. Can spitting into a tube really be helpful in determining what kind of fitness and nutrition program will work for you?


While general principles of a healthy diet and fitness regime are common to most of the population, we are still unique human beings. Our DNA can determine whether we will be sensitive to certain types of food and it can also determine the types of exercise that will naturally give us the best fitness results.

There are several companies out there that can analyze your DNA for you but one of the things that makes GeneBlueprint stand out from the crowd is how many gene variants it measures – 10 million in fact! With a lifetime subscription, GeneBlueprint gives its customers access to over twenty genetic prediction scores and a personalized diet and fitness plan through its web portal.

So how does GeneBlueprint work? There are four steps.

  1. Order your test

The first step towards your personalized diet and fitness plan is to order your test. It takes less than ten minutes to register online. Then simply, sit back and wait for your test kit to arrive in the mail.

Once your kit arrives in the mail, follow the instructions to provide GeneBlueprint with a sample of your saliva. Send the kit back using the pre-paid envelope that we send you.

  1. DNA Analysis

When your sample arrives at our lab, our trained geneticists will use state of the art technology that can detect and analyze 10 million different genetic variants.

  1. Review of genetic data

Once the analysis is complete, we take the data and use it to determine over 20 different unique traits that will provide insight into the types of food and exercise program that will be most beneficial to your overall health.

  1. Create a wellness plan

The final step in this process is to develop a fitness and nutrition plan based on your unique genetic makeup. This plan will take into account traits such as sensitivity to carbohydrates, alcohol sensitivity, whether your body responds better to high-intensity short workouts or low-intensity longer workout and many other factors.


When it comes to diet and fitness, we are not all created equal. A plan that works for your friend or co-worker is not necessarily the best plan for you. If you are working hard to get fit but find that you aren’t making much progress, it may be that your genes are to blame. A change in regime based on your genetic composition might just have you seeing a big improvement in your progress.

If you would like to work smarter instead of harder and finally get a plan that is tailored to your DNA, then why not take the first step with GeneBlueprint today!